Creature Availability & Expectations For Your Visit

With multiple online publications & articles written about what we do, many customers have come to expect certain designs//flavors to always be available during their visit.  What is rarely published though, is what goes on day to day at the bakery.

  • We put out our creature batch at 12:00 noon daily @ our Spectrum location. Pandas on the weekdays & a bigger assortment on the weekend, unless otherwise specified. You may see them earlier if we have carry-overs from the previous day. Anything made that morning will be available at 12:00 noon, first come basis, while supplies last. If you come later during the day, macarons may sell out. Please call the shop to check on inventory & designs! We have always been transparent with our operations & will do our best to communicate all the information!

  • If you’ve made macarons before you will agree that they are temperamental & labor intensive.  We do the majority of the work by hand (no batter depositor piping the batter, filling the macarons, or decorating the creatures).  We insist on doing things by hand because it makes the work more meaningful & satisfying for us.  Automating the entire process just loses heart.  Allowing ourselves more time to craft these creatures, instead of rushing through the process or stockpiling the flavors, let us focus on the quality of the product.  

  • We have made a myriad amount of designs in the past. While we feature these designs on our Instagram page, they are not available everyday. If you see a design featured in a post it is just for that one day, although some may carry over to the next day. Please, if you are looking for a certain design, give us a call to see if we are planning to make it. It’s disheartening for us having to answer angry emails of customers who don’t do the research, don’t call, drive a long distance, come to the shop to realize that we don’t have a design that we posted months or even years ago, or we have sold out of a design.

  • Preorders are now closed indefinitely. Sorry!

    We are always always incredibly grateful & full of love for the customers who have been with us. Every time we post a theme, an event, or even a spontaneous design, and we see you coming to the shop to purchase them, it makes everything right again. We can’t thank you enough for your love, support, & all the photos you’ve taken. Whether if you’ve been with us since Costa Mesa or just finding out about us recently and decided to stay, know that we love you!

    Thank you so much for reading! We hope you have a wonderful experience at H&B .