We are always furiously working in the Honey & Butter kitchen to bring you fresh macarons.  These cookies are labor intensive & the process that goes into making them is very involved.  We make everything from scratch each day: our shells, our buttercream filling, & our gelato/sorbets.  Each of our cookies are hand piped (not by a machine).  The details on our creatures are meticulously decorated by hand.  We love the human element of making them & that is what sets us apart.

1) I'm having trouble preordering macarons from you on your website.  Any other way I can purchase your macarons?

Yes there are many ways to purchase our macarons! You can come into our Costa Mesa location (stock is more limited here) or our Irvine Spectrum location & select from our available flavors.  You can give us a call & preorder with us over the phone.  Same day orders are accepted over the phone, however the flavor selection may vary.  You can also send us an email at to place an order.  

2) What is the best time to come for your creature macarons?

We start putting out our creatures at 12:00PM.  The best time to come is 12:00 noon for the best selection of our creatures. 

3) How many cookies do you bake a day?

All of our macarons are baked in house daily throughout the day.  Because of our small staff & meticulous nature of our work, we bake only a limited quantity of cookies a day, or as many as we can.

4) Can I place a custom order for your creatures?

As of December of 2018 we are no longer accepting custom orders or orders for our classic macarons. We sometimes will have flash sales for special seasons so please keep an eye out for that. Thank you for your understanding!

5) I have a gluten allergy.  Can I still consume your cookies?

Many of our flavors do not contain gluten.  We, however, do not have a certified gluten-free kitchen and do work with gluten-containing ingredients.  Cross contamination may occur.  Please be informed about this when you choose to consume our products.  Our staff is trained to let you know if asked.

6) Can I request to place cookies on hold on the day of?

Most definitely! We will hold whichever flavors we currently have out  for you.  However creatures are first come & most of the time we do not hold them.  

7) How do I care for your macarons & how long do they last?

Please keep them refrigerated & consume chilled.  They are buttercream based.  They will melt if exposed to the sun or heat for too long. We recommend to eat them within 3 days for the best experience.  Any longer the shells will dry out & won't be as tasty.  They can also be frozen & kept airtight for a few months.  

8) I have a nut allergy.  Can I consume your cookies?

It depends on which nut you are allergic to.  Our cookies are made with almond flour.  Select cookies contain crushed hazelnuts or pistachio (please check out our Flavors page for more info on these).  We rarely use peanuts in our flavors, but that does happen once in a while.  We take care to prevent cross contamination but we do use shared equipment.   

8) I have a specific allergy.  Can I consume your cookies?

Please send us an email letting us know which ingredient you are allergic to.  We will do our best to determine which of our macarons contain that ingredient.  Please note that we use shared equipment so there is a chance of cross contamination.

9) Do you ship your macarons?

Apologies we are not set up to ship our cookies.  All of our cookies are in store pick up only and should be enjoyed within 3 days for the best experience.  If you would like to ship these yourself, be sure to cushion them so they do not move & break during transit.  We recommend to overnight them to avoid any unrefrigerated holding time at the shipping carrier's warehouse.